I’ve just sprinted 200m x 5 and 100m x 5.  I haven’t sprinted probably since I was about 15.  Hear me roar.  That was pretty painful.  And not helped by the fact that at 30-something I now assume that something will rip if I overexert myself.  How dull. I’m not sure I found any new muscles today. Just beasted the old ones.   And I’ve been on a date.  With a lovely man.  And had fun.  And then panicked, in case he wasn’t that great, and I was just pissed, and do I really want to go out with anyone else anyway….? Arrgh.   Bring on the next run, stop the thinking! 


I think I found my iliacus!

So.  I’ve just finished another messy relationship, if you could ever even have called it that.  And I happened to have also signed up for a half marathon in 2 months.  And suddenly I need to throw everything at this, to make it fun, rewarding and to get my head away from the boy.  This was my experiment, to see if I could run better, faster and injury free, 9 years after the last half marathon.     There’s been a niggling ITB compression injury, a deep vein thrombosis, a complete loss of fitness, a career in physiotherapy started and a complete detour through a whole other passion of drumming and dancing in the meantime.

But now I’m back.  Today was the first of my Sunday runs.  5 long kilometres.    Two amazing things happened on this run.  I found the zone for the first time in years, albeit for short bursts at a time.  And the second was, I found some new muscles.  Hello iliacus.  This muscle is the main hip flexor, which is supposed to do all the work when you pick up your legs from the ground.   Along with your psoas which stops your back from wobbling about all over the place.   I don’t think mine have ever worked, resulting in sore back after running, and a overactive tensor fascia lata, the naughty muscle which pulls on that ITB, giving you that searing sensation on the side of the knee that feels like it might rip your kneecap off.

My left groin and thigh are deliciously sore, and I’m happy happy that the mighty lilacus has woken up.  Thanks to some pre-running activation exercises and the exciting new learning at my new physio job.   So maybe where I’ve failed to find love elsewhere, this is the start of learning to love running and physio again.  Yes.